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Below is a list of current and past EDA projects.

Communication Through Hypersonic Plasma (HyPASS/ReCOMM)


Economically and Environmentally Responsible Synthesis of Silane Gas for Use in High-Purity Silicon Production

Silane Concept

Hypersonic Plasma Diagnostics


Plasma Induced Micro Flame Ionization Detector (PIMFID)


Nano-particle Field Extraction Separator (NanoFES)

NanoFES Drawing

Characterizing the Dynamic Behavior of Novel Energetic Materials for Space Propulsion (Energetics)

Energetics Concept

Low-Intrusive Fiber Optic Plug for TPS Materials (FiberPlug)

FiberPlug Model

High Power High Thrust Ion Thruster (HPHTion)


Nano-particle Field Extraction Thruster (NanoFET)

NanoFET Concept

Nonintrusive Fiber Interferometer for TPS Recession

interferometer concept

Helicon Hall Thruster (HHT)

HHT plasma

Advanced Plasma Diagnostics (APD)

Diagnostics Automation

APD Setup

Plasma Source Transience Analysis

APD Graph

Magnetic Shielding for Laser Communications (DeflectorShield)

DeflectorShield Concept

Boron Nitride Field Emitter Using Micro-Fabricated Gate Technology (Boron Nitride)

BN Surface

MEMS Gate Structures for Electric Propulsion Applications:
Field Emissions Cathode (FEC)

FEC Concept