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About Us

ElectroDynamic Applications, Inc. (EDA) is a research and development firm principally focused on technologies for space and other severe environment applications. Our specialties include:

We do technology development at all stages from conceptual design and numerical simulation, to prototype fabrication, to testing and validation. We work closely with leading research universities as well as various NASA and Air Force centers and independent aerospace and DoD contractors. We provide “turn-key” automated testing in large vacuum facilities for commercial and government customers.


EDA, Inc. is a research and development company founded as an S-Corp in 1999 by Aerospace Engineering professor Dr. Alec Gallimore and Electrical Engineering and Space Science professor Dr. Brian Gilchrist from The University of Michigan. It was started as a technology incubator to bring advanced research from the university setting to practical applications in the real world.

We have since expanded to develop technology and applications for a range of sectors from academics to commercial to government. Maintaining close ties with the University of Michigan and other universities, we are able to bring a wide range of expertise to any problem. Our experience with space flight missions and collaboration with the University of Michigan’s Space Physics Research Laboratory create a capability not just in theoretical experimentation, but also in practical space flight system design.